PLAY TONE specialises in fitness and fun!

Tone up with hoop, skate, jump classes.

We also run courses, training,
workshops, tours, roller discos plus
other alternative events.




Play, joy, and spontaneity are rooted in all of our hearts. Play therapy can help individuals communicate, explore repressed thoughts and emotions, address unresolved trauma, experience personal growth and is widely viewed as an important, effective, and developmentally appropriate mental health treatment. For adults, play continues as an important vehicle because it fosters numerous adaptive behaviours including creativity, role rehearsal and mind/ body integration. Play can increase our self-esteem. It invites access to states of well-being and calm as well as silliness and joy! When relaxed in play, we often have an increased capacity for empathy and intimacy.  It has never been more important to find the play in your day!


We support the anti-diet riot club. 

Toning up is all about being and feeling strong, firm and happy inside; not starving ourselves with extreme diet plans.


We are big fans of workouts that fall in the less-is-more category and have recently (seemingly) become the fitness activity of choice. We follow Key Son (Doctorate in Sports Medicine and Trainer), low-impact, modified exercises.


Tone up and turn it up!

meet the


@Tinuke’s Orbit and @Obie Pearl
are disco-licious performing artists and professional instructors who have travelled the world sharing the disco fever, through friendship, love, fitness and fun!

Tinuke is trained under Starlight Express the musical and has performed world-wide. She has also managed roller-discos, yoga studios and created events programming.

Obie is trained under Marawa The Amazing, holding a Guinness World Record for ‘most hoops spun simultaneously as a group’, these cats can even spin multi-hoops and roller skate at the same time! She has launched fitness classes and designed social community programs.

Play Tone runs with an amazing team of instructors, guest teachers, performing artists, supporters and partners: MOVE GB and ROOKIE ROLLER SKATES.